Digital Radiography

Diagnostic imaging (or x-rays) is one of the most important tools to help our veterinarians understand issues your pet may be facing. The digital x-ray system at Columbia Animal Hospital is superior to older film technologies for a number of reasons. The digital system produces clear and concise x-ray images in seconds, which allows our doctors to begin treatment immediately as needed. Digital radiographs are generally sharper and better quality than film, and digital images can also be manipulated to enhance the area of focus for our veterinarians. Digital images can also be emailed to veterinary radiologists for a rapid second opinion, in rare cases where a specialist may be needed, saving valuable time for a pet in need of treatment. Finally, the digital system at Columbia is a more environmentally safe choice, as it does not need the chemicals needed to process older technologies.

X-rays can help our veterinarians diagnose a number of issues and conditions including:

  • Fractures
  • Organ enlargement
  • Tumors
  • Pneumonia
  • Internal bleeding
  • And foreign objects

Your furry family member deserves the latest in veterinary medicine, and this experience can be found here at Columbia Animal Hospital. We would like the opportunity to care for the life of your companion, so please schedule an appointment with our compassionate veterinarians at 601-736-3041.